Conference Interpreting

What is it about?

Nowadays, all businesses and events are becoming more international. This requires a good team of interpreters who support each stakeholder in every meeting, whether it is a visit abroad or a multilingual meeting at your headquarters, both online or on-site.
Those are the moments when the best opportunities arise. I will provide you with a team of interpreters that will guarantee fluid and effortless communication. This will allow you to connect with your international partners in a friendly and collegial way.

Thanks to my network of interpreters, I can offer you a rigorous and professional interpreting service. According to your needs and the kind of event you are organising, I will give you advice on which interpreting mode suits you the best. Either during an official business meeting, a short coffee-break on the corridor or an informal dinner with your partners: we can be there to ensure no words are misunderstood!

Languages and ask for a quote

Feel free to ask me for my rates per service, which include the following languages:

Interpreting modes


Two interpreters sit in a booth with a clear view of the meeting room and the speaker. They listen to the speech and simultaneously interpret it into a target language. Listeners can listen to the chosen interpretation using headphones.


The interpreter sits in the same room as the speaker and follows the speech while taking notes. When the speaker finishes, the interpreter takes the floor and gives the speack back in the target language.

Remote (RSI)

Interpreters can also provide interpretation for your online meetings via Zoom, Interprefy, Kudo, Interactio or Speakus, among others.


In private meetings or informal events, such as a business dinner, the interpreter stays close to both parties and acts as a link between the two different languages they speak. He/She interprets what they say right after their short intervention.

Social Services

Foreigners may need to make use of some public services abroad, like a hospital or a police station, and interpreters are there to make it easier for them to communicate.


Conference Interpreting: what is it about?

Not sure about what you need?

Contact me and we will find out together what the best for your project is!

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